Kristopher (Tai) L, Media and Technology

Kris was born in Saigon, Vietnam and had been part of the 1975 Operation Babylift led by US Government to evacuate orphaned children of the war. Raised in Guam and Alaska.

After serving a 11 year sentence, Kris was released into the custody of the US Immigration and was served with an “Order of Deportation”.  There is always that possibility that he may be deported but unlikely due to the US repatriation agreement with the Vietnamese Government which states that they will not accept any deportee who left the country before July 12, 1996.

While incarcerated Kris has formed many bonds with other Asian and Pacific Islanders and has gained a better understanding of the struggles and diversity that they have had to face with which led many of them to their crimes. Kris’ focus with F.G.H.I.T. is to introduce education in the form of technology and help recently released ex-offenders overcome the many challenges that one faces as being a minority with the stigma of previously being incarcerated.